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Customer Comments 

We love feedback (good or bad) because customer comments are vital to the continued success of our farm. Referrals and recommendations from our customers are the best compliments we can receive, and below are real testimonials from emails we've received, Facebook posts, blog responses, reviews on external websites, etc. 


This is the best pork I've had in my life. Seriously. The meat is savory, rich with porky flavors and excellent collagen for a beautiful mouth feel. The fat really sets it apart. It's delicious. It melts, and crisps perfectly. Even before cooking it, touching the raw meat you can feel the difference. The fat is firm and has light grease to it. The meat is light red and not spongy. You can really feel the difference, here.  


So flippin' good... It's just really great pig! I'm so glad I was introduced to you and so glad you are raising such high quality animals.

  ~ P. Goldberg

I’m a vegetarian and this is where I buy my meat. People never believe me when I say this, but when I found out that R Heritage Farm was going to be at my farmer's market, I literally got a little tear in my eye. I don't eat meat because I don't agree with the way most animals are raised in this country, and when I saw this farm I was overwhelmed. Finally a farm that does it right!

Ben and Monique are dedicated to giving their animals the most humane existence possible, and when I talk to them I can tell they really care for their animals. I have bought many chickens and lots of pork from these guys and was excited to get a heritage turkey from them for Thanksgiving. My husband, kids, and guests love everything! And I can personally say that their eggs are great, too!

I still don't eat meat, but when my family does, it's  from R Heritage Farm


  ~ B. Idol

We went out to a fancy restaurant in downtown [Seattle] and we ordered their roasted pork. It was cooked perfectly and it was delicious…but…it wasn’t YOUR pork. We know we’ve become spoiled buying from your farm!


~ M. Sofsak



I am so glad I found you! Your farm is perfect for those looking for humanely raised free range pork, poultry and eggs, but more importantly I feel the pork and chicken you produce is healthier and safer than what you get in the stores and the eggs are wonderful. I am so grateful for the ethical treatment you provide to your animals where they are so well treated, well fed, allowed to roam, and responsibly and humanely processed. We need more farms to get back to healthier food for healthier people. You have my vote as a fantastic choice and thank you for all your hard work and the loving stewardship of your animals.


~ C. Exley


I just wanted to tell you how delicious the pork is! And I'm really happy with the way the cuts turned out. You guys are awesome!

~ M. Bennett


Everybody loved the pork chops!  I served them at a party, and they were a hit!  I didn't do anything fancy to them, and most of the time all I do is put salt and pepper on it and put it in the oven.  Start with great product and end with incredible results!

R Heritage Farm is the secret ingredient!  :) 

 ~ Brooke I.


I feel like I just had real bacon for the first time. Last Tuesday at the Crossroads farmers market I purchased a pound of your bacon and a package of garlic sausages. The bacon is the best I ever had -My only mistake was buying the one package. The sausages were primo. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

~ L. Owen


I have to tell you how delicious the pork is that we got from your farm! We are very pleased that we discovered you and we will be  ordering from you again in the future.  Thanks for the tip on using the back fat.  I rendered it down and now it goes into about everything I sauté.  

 ~ S. Smith


The quality and flavor of this meat is second to none - this will be the first of many!!

~ V. DiMercurio


I cooked some of your breakfast sausage this morning and it's fantastic! I shaped it into patties right out of the package and cooked it on the stove. Love it! Thank you for doing what you do!

~ M. Kjosness


Cooked your Andouille sausage last night…AWESOME!...AWESOME!...AWESOME!!


 ~ L. Park


We picked up your garlic brats at last night's Kirkland we have ever had. Seriously unbelievable. Thanks!


~ R. Kline


Everybody loved the ham on Christmas day! All I did was shove it in the oven and bake it. It was a huge hit! All the eggs were great, too. Thank you for all your hard work!


~ B. Idol




Your sausages are incredibly yummy!! Best Andouille I've ever had.


~ C. Callender

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