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Miss Pig Pig - Pet & Public Relations

Miss Pig Pig (aka Pig Pig) was one of our very first pigs, and we got her when she was just a tiny thing at only 5 weeks old. She is our beloved pet and farm mascot, and she will live her life out on our farm. She is a ½ Berkshire, ½ Chester White sow, and she is definitely the “boss hog” on the farm. Every year she steals the show at the annual Sky Valley Farm Festival where she shows off a litter of pigs. Her pigs have been shown in 4-H and FFA at the local fairs and have gone on to win Grand Champion. She is still producing babies, and once we retire her from breeding she’ll continue to live a pampered life.

Miss Pig Pig is incredibly friendly, playful, emotional, and she loves attention from people. She's taught us so many wonderful things about pigs; they love to give muddy kisses, run and jump into plastic kiddy pools, play tag, and even snuggle up with us in the pasture. She is loved very much and will forever be a part of our family. 

Tinkerbelle - Berkshire Sow

Tinkerbelle (aka Tinks) is one of our purebred Berkshire sows. She is only a couple of years old, and is a good natured girl. We purchased her when she was about 4 months old and up until that point she had been confined to a stall with a concrete floor.  When she came to our farm she had never rooted in the dirt before, and enjoyed it so much she rubbed her snout so raw you couldn't touch her face. She instantly loved life on our farm where she could root, play with other pigs, and run around all day long.  

Tinks is a fantastic mother who always takes excellent care of her young pigs. She has a lot of color for a Berkshire producing flashy pigs with white splashes or what we call “chrome.” She is a very friendly pig, and like the rest our pigs loves belly rubs. She's a high maintenance girl emotionally and needs lots of attention. She's also our most ornery pig and likes to get into things and cause us grief at times. Each pig has their own personality and she's definitely the rebel!

Annabelle - Berkshire Sow

Annabelle (aka Anna) is our youngest sow, and she is a registered purebred Berkshire. We brought Anna to our farm when she was just 5 weeks old, and Pig Pig, who was nursing a litter, instantly accepted Anna into the herd. As a small pig Anna loved to climb into our lap for cuddles, and once she became too big she had to be taught that she could no longer fit in our laps.  

Anna is a love bug and she often times just follows us around the farm to hang out with her people. She is a very soft, feminine, and dainty girl, but don't let her fool you because she can be mischievous and sneaky. Anna has only had one litter, but she produced beautiful, strong babies and she was an exceptional first time mom. Her and Tinkerbelle are our primary breeding sows.

Brody - Our Boar

Brody is our registered Berkshire boar, and we found him by chance when he was about 5 months old. We were looking for a Berkshire boar to add to our breeding program, but not just any Berkshire. Above all else we wanted a boar that was friendly, easy to manage, and had a gentle personality. We instantly fell in love with him when we saw him because not only did he have great conformation he had the disposition we were looking for. If you are going to keep an animal that can get upwards of 1,000 lbs and develop long tusks we think personality and temperament are more important than show records.

Brody is a big boy now, but he is still a big baby. He is playful, loves back scratches, and will come running for attention. He is great with the girls and is a kind and patient daddy to his young. Many breeders believe it’s best to separate the boar, but we feel differently, so Brody runs with his girls year round.

Reiley - Farm Dog

Reiley is our farm dog whom we got from the pound several years ago. He was abandoned by his owners and was found starving by animal control. He was virtually skin and bone when we brought him home and it’s believed he survived on his own for an estimated 6 months living off garbage and foraging for food. As a result Reiley loves all food and when momma goes to the garden to pick fresh fruits and vegetables he is usually waiting at the garden’s edge for treats. (His favorites are beans and strawberries.)  

Reiley is a very good boy who can be trusted with all of our livestock. He has been trained not to hunt our chickens or turkeys or their young, and he gets extremely excited when pigs are born. He’s a “momma hen” and will patiently wait outside the stall or paddock for his turn to see the babies. All the momma pigs accept Reiley as part of the “farm family” so they do not consider him a threat to their young.

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Customer Comments - About us

People never believe me when I say this, but when I found out that R Heritage Farm was going to be at my farmer's market, I literally got a little tear in my eye. I don't eat meat because I don't agree with the way most animals are raised in this country, and when I saw the website for this farm I was overwhelmed. Finally a farm that does it right!

Ben and Monique are dedicated to giving their animals the most humane existence possible, even going so far as having special GMO-free feed made for their livestock. When I talk to them I can tell they really care for their animals.

I still don't eat meat, but when my family does, it's pork, chicken, or turkey from R Heritage Farm.

   ~B. Idol


So glad I was introduced to you and so glad you are raising such high quality animals.


   ~P. Goldberg


Thank you for doing what you do!


   ~M. Kjosness