Free Range Pastured Poultry

Heritage breeds roaming freely on organic pasture...

Birds on our farm - R Heritage Farm

At R Heritage Farm we only raise heritage breed chickens and turkeys - the old fashioned breeds grandma used to raise. Our birds free range on organic pastureland, and we never confine them in "portable chicken tractors" or in "pens on grass." Instead, they have unrestricted access to our pasture (weather permitting) where they roam freely all year long. Our free ranging birds have the freedom to forage for bugs, eat grasses and seeds, take dust baths, run around and play, and do whatever else they want. 

Free ranging on pasture and woodlands, our birds can be closely compared to wild game. Our heritage chickens and turkeys are slower maturing often taking four to five times longer to reach maturity compared to their commercial counterparts. While they have access to NON-GMO grains at all times they primarily forage on the bugs and grass, and tend to have less fat than their commercial counterparts. Heritage breeds, particularly those raised on pasture like ours, produce smaller breasts, and have more proportionate amounts of white and dark meat. Because our birds free range and use their muscles, unlike birds raised in confinement, their meat will be denser and firmer, and may seem “tougher” compared to birds sold in the grocery store, but don't let that deter you...

The meat from heritage breed chickens and turkeys is incredibly flavorful, moist, tender, and delectable. You've never experienced real chicken or turkey until you've had a pasture raised heritage breed! Our chickens are available thru our Meat CSA Program or you can order online via our online store 

If you'd like to learn more about the difference between heritage breeds and commercial breeds please check out our Heritage Breeds page. This page explains why we only raised heritage breeds, what you can expect from these breeds, and why they are SO MUCH better than the birds you find in the store and on most farms. We are proud of the way we raise our animals, so we'd also like to invite you learn about our raising practices.  


Cooking Recommendations

  • Cooking your bird in a slow cooker/crock pot on low all day. The meat will literally fall off the bone when it’s done.
  • Roast it (uncovered) at 325 degrees for approximately 20-25 minutes per pound. Roasting times will vary based on your oven, whether it’s stuffed, etc. When roasting baste your bird often (every 20 minutes or so) and applying butter, lard, or oil to the breast helps to retain moisture. When the juices in the thickest part of the thigh run clear (no rose color) remove your bird from the oven and let it rest for 5 minutes before carving.
  • No matter what method you use – ALWAYS add water or broth to the bottom of the slow cooker or roasting pan to provide moist heat.
  • If you cut up your chicken and cook it in your favorite recipes just keep in mind to cook it at a lower temperature to prevent it from drying out. Searing the meat helps retain moisture.


Customer Comments ~ Poultry

The chicken turned out great! It had a delicious flavor. The meat was firm and juicy, not mushy like the supermarket chickens can be.

   ~L. Littrell


 Our turkey was wonderful -- the tastiest turkey I can remember, without being as gamey as the wild turkeys my parents used to get occasionally. I would definitely order another one next year!

     ~G. Smith


 Our first free-range, non GMO, organic, heritage breed bird from R Heritage Farm was fantastic! The texture and flavor of this meat is second to none - this will be the first of many!!

    ~V. DiMercurio


  Our turkey was amazing!

    ~B. Hodgins


 The chicken was wonderful- so yummy!

   ~D. Copple


 The turkeys went over fantastically for 13 people. If you do turkeys again next year we will purchase another 1-2. 

   ~J. Mergler


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