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Meet the new Gloucestershire Old Spot sows; Bella and Bryna

Posted 11/11/2014 11:09am by R Heritage Farm.

Meet Bella and Bryna – the new purebred registered Gloucestershire Old Spot sows that were gifted to us recently. Both were born in 2011 and come from the same litter so they are full sisters (they are about a year younger than Pig Pig) and they’ve each had 4 litters of pigs. Bella has more spots on her than her sister Bryna; in the photo of them standing up Bella is on the left and in the photo of them laying together Bella is closest to me.

Bella is more laid back and friendlier than Bryna, but neither are nearly as friendly as our other sows (Miss Pig Pig, Tinkerbelle, or Annabelle), but we raised those girls from the time they were babies. Bella and Bryna aren’t really sure what to make of us yet because I keep bothering them by trying to give them belly rubs which they clearly aren’t used to. Both kind of growl at me when I touch their bellies, so that’s something we’ll have to work on. It’s important to be able to touch them and gain their trust (it’s a two way street by the way) because sows can move like lightening, have big teeth, and enough weight and power to inflict a lot of damage if they’re scared or feel threatened. You have no idea how fast they are!

Both are due to deliver babies in December/January but we don’t know who’s due first or the exact date. (I’m guessing Bella is first.) I’m not comfortable sitting in with them yet because they haven’t earned my trust. I’ve never seen a pig have a tantrum before but the other night Bryna had a major fit. Long story short she got so upset she started growling and grabbed Bella’s feed bowl and started shaking it like a dog does with a toy. (It all started because she spilled her own food.) She grabbed that feed bowl with so much force she flung the food all the way out to their water trough in the outside paddock and it was raining feed in their stall. Ben and I just looked at each other like “wtf was that!?” A few minutes later she was fine, but I don’t do temper tantrums (only I can have those ;)) NEVER experienced that before, so she definitely needs some more time to settle in. Will keep you posted!

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